Wednesday , July 6 2022
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That time William Shatner called me a nobody

A somebody called me a nobody, and it was awesome. Really.

It all started over the weekend when William Shatner got into a conversation with folks on Twitter about who deserves to be verified on Twitter. He questioned whether or not a social media manager deserved the badge, and suggested it should be limited to celebrities since Twitter says the purpose is to make sure you know you’re talking to the real person.

Valid points, I’ll admit. During this initial conversation, he referred to the people who don’t deserve it as “nobodies.”

Ouch! because I am a social media manager, and I believe my verification is not only deserved but necessary. So I penned a letter to him at explaining my side and giving him some more insight into the importance of verification.

He responded to me in a series of several tweets and direct messages, which I greatly appreciated. This isn’t the first time I’ve talked to the captain of the Enterprise on Twitter, and he’s an engaging and kind person.

The best part of the whole exchange came when I tweeted to Shatner that he’s an asset on Twitter. And his reply, as you can see in the screenshot was “Coming from a ‘nobody’ like you, I appreciate that! ;-)”

Someone called me a nobody last week and it stung. This had the opposite effect, and it was a nice close to a nice social media conversation. People have been responding to this all day on Twitter, and Shatner has been responding to those people all day. He’s definitely good at using Twitter.

We also talked about this today on Social Media Tuesdays with Jason Middleton and Kim Foster on KGO’s After The Bell. Here’s a link to the blog post, and you can listen to the whole segment here:

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