Wednesday , July 6 2022
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Wheel of fortune: He solves the puzzle like a boss

Usually, your Wheel of Fortune run ends on a sour note when you only get two letters showing in the bonus round. I mean, how is someone supposed to solve a puzzle worth tens of thousands of dollars with just two letters.

Like this.

Maybe you already know the answer because you’ve read about it on countless websites, but I’m not going to tell you. I’ll let you try. As Pat Sajak told the guy, it’s difficult but not impossible. And he proved it’s not impossible.

Now the part where Sajak frisks the contestant? Yeah, that’s a little weird. Maybe he thought in all the excitement that he/we wouldn’t notice. Well, we did.

Here’s the story I did for the Chicago Tribune.

(Related question: Has Sajak ever frisked Vanna White?)

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