Tuesday , July 5 2022
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Social media tip: Clear your Facebook search

Great tip from Nathanael Shermett, who posted it in my Google+ Social Media Community.

The Facebook searches you make are not public by default, but Facebook is recording them and can certainly utilize them for ads and the like. You can’t turn off the search recording, but you can clear your history. Unfortunately, clearing your history on Facebook is a bit more involved than clearing it in an internet browser. But if you follow Nathaniel’s steps, you should be good to go.

1. Go to your privacy settings. (My recommended way is to click the gear symbol in the upper right corner)
2. At the top, under “who can see my stuff?”, click on “Use Activity Log.”
3. On the left, you’ll see photos, likes and comments and then likely “MORE.” Click “MORE” until you see “Search.”
4. Then at the upper right, click on “Clear Searches”

I’ll be honest – I knew about this, but I hadn’t cleared my searches for about 6 months. That’s too long. I would make it a point to do it once a month at the minimum. No one is saying you are searching for something you shouldn’t, but you’d be surprised just how much you search for without realizing it.

Thanks again to Nathanael for the great tip. And if you haven’t joined my social media community on Google+, I highly recommend it. You’ll find tips like these and hopefully some useful conversation about using social media.


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