Sunday , May 22 2022
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Bacon makes social media sizzle

scott-kleinberg-baconA huge part of my job as a social media editor and manager is engaging our audience on multiple platforms, everything from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to Tumblr, Ello and Periscope.

Today when hilarious Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke wrote a hilarious column (registration may be required to read the column in full) about the World Health Organization declaring bacon and other processed meats bad and potentially cancer-causing, I had some fun in the presentation on the Chicago Tribune’s Facebook page.

Well, two really funny things happened. First, Rex writes in satire and he does it well, but not everyone understands and appreciates this kind of writing. So they comment as though he’s totally serious, which causes them to sound serious, which makes everyone just LOL.

And second, I decided for reason that are still unknown to me to use the term obvi instead for obvious. Maybe I was just being conversational, and maybe I was feeling old and wanted to channel my inner teenage texter. (see photo gallery below)

Someone in the comments noticed my use of obvi and pointed out that “the real tragedy here is the Chicago Tribune used the term obvi.”

That made me smile and respond with “Typed it while I was eating a plate of bacon,” which got all kinds of likes.

And then someone else that I know posted a screenshot of the whole thing and gave me kudos for the chuckle and engagement.

Bacon usually makes me happy, despite the dire warnings, and today it made me extra happy. It’s nice in this job when people recognize you, whether they are readers or colleagues. I don’t do the work for the accolades, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t appreciated once in a while.

If you don’t follow the Chicago Tribune’s Facebook page, you’re potentially missing stuff like this. And you definitely don’t want that to happen.


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