Wednesday , July 6 2022
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Why you should follow me on Snapchat

You should follow me on Snapchat.

I know what you’re thinking. You already follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and everywhere else, so why in the world do you need to follow me in another place.

Fair question, and I totally get it. Before I got excited about Snapchat, I thought of it the same way. I thought of it as a network that only teenagers use and one that would never be sustainable for someone like me. My number one rule when it comes to social media is not to post the same thing on each network and instead focus on how to create unique content for each platform, so I figured this wouldn’t be worth my time.

I’m happy to admit I was wrong.

Do it in a snap: All you have to do to follow me on Snapchat is use the Snapchat camera to scan this ghost.

Because Snapchat is so specific, it’s actually easy to create content that only works there. Whether it’s a quick video or a photo that shows for 3 to 10 seconds and is covered with text and emojis, I find myself wanting to post a snap at least once a day. In fact, I’ve started using the Snapchat camera as my main camera and saving photos to my camera roll from there. Because you can’t easily upload a previously shot photo or video and post it to Snapchat, it’s much easier to take it with the Snapchat app in case you want to share it that way.

I try to post at least 5 snaps a day whenever possible. Sometimes they are of my commute, or of a cocktail or three. Of course, I’m also dad to Chicago’s most photogenic puggle.

There are two ways to connect with me. The first is to go to the Snapchat app and search for me – I’m scottkleinberg. But the second way is easier. You see the ghost in this post? You can use the Snapchat camera to scan the ghost and automatically add me to your follow list. Try it. It’ll make you wonder why every other social network doesn’t offer something like this.

Before I end this post, I have to give a shoutout to my colleague Randi, who was the one who taught me how to snap. She really knows her stuff, so follow her to learn more – and follow her anyway because she’s awesome.

See you on Snapchat. Remember to scan the ghost or follow me at scottkleinberg.

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