Tuesday , July 5 2022
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Pet peeves: 100 things that suck


Recently, and I can’t remember exactly why, I said that something really sucked. And that got me thinking about pet peeves. Which inspired me to create a post called “100 things that suck.” Keep in mind, these are in no particular order and it’s certainly not the definitive list.

If you would like, tell me the things that you think suck in the comments. But please remember to be nice and fair. A specific person probably doesn’t suck, but something he or she does might.

1. Die Hard without the cursing
2. Mosquito bites
3. Crappy customer service
4. Coming down with a cold
5. Airline delays
6. Car trouble
7. Traffic
8. Cold soup (unless it’s gazpacho)
9. Homelessness
10. Homophobia
11. Cold showers
12. Stepping in dog crap
13. Dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs
14. Spam
15. Auto DMs on Twitter
16. Facebook trolls
17. Wet newspapers
18. Band-aids that don’t stick
19. Soggy cereal
20. Wedgies
21. Flat soda
22. Kinks in the carpet
23. Bicyclists who don’t obey traffic laws
24. Wasteful government
25. Expensive medicine
26. “No service”
27. Costly Wi-Fi
28. Cold coffee
29. Icy sidewalks
30. Dropping your phone in the toilet
31. People who talk in movie theaters
32. Fax machines
33. That dial-up modem noise
34. Scratched albums
35. Long division
36. Weak cocktails
37. Sports not in HD
38. Burned out light bulbs
39. Christmas decorations in April
40. Halloween candy in August
41. People who put their shopping bags in bus seats
42. Long income tax forms
43. Long lines at amusement parks
44. Sunburn
45. Airplane food
46. The fourth Indiana Jones movie
47. PC viruses
48. Clueless bosses
49. Wobbly tables
50. Medicine commercials
51. Bad spelling
52. Bad grammar
53. Wrinkled clothing
54. Empty toilet paper rolls
55. Spotty silverware
56. Excessive lint
57. Glittery greeting cards
58. Missing socks
59. Restaurants that close before advertised closing time
60. Bruised fruit
61. Flat tires
62. Lying
63. Ignorance
64. Doubling your order (you just pay separate processing and handling)
65. Junk mail
66. Expired milk
67. Non-sticky postage stamps
68. Telemarketers during dinner
69. Credit card offers
70. Restroom lines
71. Bad drivers
72. People who bring 12 items into the line marked 8 items or less
73. Burned popcorn
74. Burning your tongue
75. Forgetting your password
76. Bad social media
77. Glare on the TV
78. Broken umbrellas
79. Watery oatmeal
80. People who don’t use turn signals
81. Working on the weekend
82. Car alarms
83. Hangnails
84. Fingerprints on your eyeglasses
85. The hiccups
86. People who don’t hold the elevator
87. Flu season
88. Standing room only
89. Running out of bacon
90. The words: “We can’t do that.”
91. Heartburn
92. Freezer Burn
93. Dieting
94. Telephone cords
95. Dirty bathrooms
96. Excessive honking of horns
97. Unseasoned food
98. Sleet
99. Drunk Driving
100. Changing the batteries in the smoke detector

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  1. Nice list. You’ve got quite a variety of things covered to the extent that I can’t come up with something specific to add even though I am aware that more things than that suck.

  2. Blue screens on your computer……that one falls into the “heart dropping into your feet” category!