Thursday , July 2 2020
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Why you should follow me on Snapchat


You should follow me on Snapchat. I know what you’re thinking. You already follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and everywhere else, so why in the world do you need to follow me in another place. Fair question, and I totally get it. Before I got excited about …

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My Apple Watch Flipboard Magazine


View my Flipboard Magazine. I remember when I was so bummed waiting for my Apple Watch. People were getting theirs and reviewing them and all I had was a UPS “processing” status to keep refreshing every 30 seconds. Now my Apple Watch Flipboard magazine is one of the most popular …

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The great Apple Watch letdown of 2015


I’ve been using Apple products since 1984, when I was in 7th grade. The guy who ran the computer lab let me come in every morning to help load the Apple Macintoshes with the Bank Street Writer and Oregon Trail. Those are fond memories, although 7th grade ended up really …

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