Sunday , May 22 2022
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Fall is the best time of the year

I know I’m not the only one, but I really love fall. I love the snow in the winter and the first warm day after an especially bad one, but there’s something about fall that just makes me happy.

Fall has a certain smell, and no it’s not pumpkin spice. Fall to me smells like a fire in the fireplace. Fall feels cool and warm at the same time.

Acorn rings in the fall: What’s an acorn ring?

I didn’t love my childhood, but I have some great fall memories. One that always comes back is when I would make acorn rings — rings made out of acorns that I would sell from a picnic table at the end of my driveway along with drinks and sometimes cookies. I don’t remember who taught me how to make acorn rings, and I haven’t in about 30 years, but I’m pretty sure I still can. You get a plump acorn, preferably still green and long. You then scratch each side hard on the sidewalk until you rub the sides down toward the middle. Then, you find a stick and you press the acorn “meat” through until it pops out. You’re left with a ring that will eventually turn brown and fall apart, but it’s definitely cool and looks really good with fall colors.

scott-kleinberg-autumnI used to make these rings on the weekends and sell them to anyone who came by. We lived in a typical New Jersey suburb, so not many pedestrians and a lot of drivers. People I knew and didn’t know would stop and inquire — most had never heard of acorn rings — and many would buy. At 25 cents a ring and a bit more for snacks and beverages, it was hard to say no. Plus my grandparents said I had a cute face, but I never believed that.

As I sit here and write this, I really want to find an acorn and make a ring. I’m afraid they would be too brown by now, and who knows how Chicago acorns differ from New Jersey ones. Obviously we didn’t have the Internet 30 years ago — I invented that in 1982 — but I’m pretty sure I also invented Etsy. If acorn rings didn’t actually die I might just reopen my shop and sell these things.

scott-kleinberg-fallToday I enjoy fall in different ways. I take photos of fall colors when I can – it’s not quite as easy in Chicago, although I’m sure there are other places I could explore.

Tell me about your fall memories, won’t you? Tweet me at @scottkleinberg or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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