Wednesday , July 6 2022
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Facebook followers: It can be good when numbers go down

When Facebook first launched subscribe, which allows people to follow my public updates without being my friend, I was very interested and an early adopter. It’s great that I can keep my friends and family separate from everything else with just a simple click.

Over time, my subscriber count grew. After converting my fans from my previous fan page, I was over 27,000. I was pretty happy with that. But then I noticed, and others in my circles noticed too, that there was a big problem associated with so many followers:


followersOh boy was there a lot of spam. Much of it was in languages I couldn’t read. It was so bad at one point I actually considered turning off the function entirely.

Then, Facebook made some changes and improved its spam filters. It also changed the whole thing from subscribers to followers. And while the filters still need much in the way of improvement, things are better. And recently, say in the past month, I’ve noticed something that on the surface seems problematic but I actually like. My follower number is going down. Today, it’s just over 26,000.

Luckily, though, people aren’t getting tired of me. Facebook is cleaning out spam. I’ve heard and confirmed this through various sources. On any given day, if I take a look at my followers, I can spot a handful of spam accounts without doing much scrolling. So as I said above, more improvements are needed. But for now, I’d rather see a lower number if it means more quality. I have always said that and practiced what I preach.

So if you have followers activated and see your numbers going down, don’t get nervous. Spring cleaning is a good thing at your home just as spring cleaning is a good thing on Facebook.

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