Tuesday , July 5 2022
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Problem with Apple Weather app on iOS

There’s something weird happening with the Apple Weather app for iOS, the stock one that you have probably replaced with a better one anyhow. But I digress; accuracy matters no matter what the situation.

scott-kleinberg-apple-weatherMy wife gets the credit for noticing it first. Note the photo to the left and the time of sunset. Also note that this is Chicago, not the Arctic. And while the sun sets pretty late in the middle of summer, it never quite gets to 11 p.m. You’ll also note that the sunrise is listed as just after noon. When I tried it on my phone originally, I didn’t see the problem. But today I do. Same thing as my wife.

So I started to do a little digging and uncovered something interesting. There aren’t a lot of reports about it in a quick Google search and a search of Apple’s discussion forums, but there are a few. And the ones that are there mention two things:

• This just started last Thursday or Friday (or at the very least that’s when anyone started noticing it)

• It only seems to affect cities that are in the Central Time Zone. And I can concur, because no other cities are affected.

The data for the Apple Weather app comes from the Weather Channel, so I thought — and still think — it’s some kind of data error that’s causing it. However, if you go to the Weather Channel app and enter Chicago, the information is correct.

I’ve checked the date and time settings on both of our phones and I know there’s nothing abnormal about those. Everything is just how it’s supposed to be. And there hasn’t been any problem with timestamps for email or alarms sounding at the right time. This is limited to this particular data for a very small subset.

In the few hours since I started writing this up, I notice that the information is now correct. However the problem is it was correct when my wife handed me her phone last night and wrong again this morning. So it seems to be going back and forth.

Many of you might not care because you use another weather app. I do, so I technically shouldn’t care. But with me, it’s all about the principle. It’s supposed to just work, because that’s Apple’s way.

Have you noticed anything weird about your sunrise and sunset times?

But here’s another good reason to keep this app buried in a folder with the rest of the useless Apple apps. More on that in a future post.


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  1. Oh man. That’s hilarious! We may be getting less sun, but it’s not certainly Antarctic sun yet! lol.

    When it gets to be end of December, I always love comparing Chicago’s temperature to the South Pole’s summer highs. Sometimes we ALMOST get colder than the South Pole. We got really close in 2009: http://www.spudart.org/blogs/randomthoughts_comments/4847_0_3_0_C/

    • That’s really cool. Thanks for that link.

      • My mom lives in Louisiana her time and date is off. Her IPad shows November 19th and her time is ahead by 1 hour. It’s affecting a couple of her apps that have calendars in them they also show Nov 19th. When I have her go to settings , general, date and time her time zone shows New Orleans but wrong date and time. Had her retype and reset still goes back to Nov 19 and 1 hour ahead. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  2. It has been going back and forth to correct and incorrect for my location in Missouri. Bizarre!!! Ready for an ios update!

    • Sad to say that the iOS update did not fix this problem. It’s clearly with the data they are getting from the Weather Channel – it has to be – so with that being the case it shouldn’t require an iOS update to fix. But here’s hoping they get to it soon. It’s more annoying than anything else because using another app is probably better anyhow. But still ugh. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

      • My iPhone’s default weather app also got screwy recently, and pulls info from Yahoo, so it’s not a Weather Channel problem.

        • Beth, I’m pretty sure the latest software pulls in data from the Weather Channel. It used to be Yahoo, but a recent update changed that. I think – not 100 percent sure, but I thought that was the case.

          • I have an iPhone 4, so I can no longer update the iOS. But my apple weather app still pulls data from Yahoo…and its screwy info….my cities change, the days are different on each city. Maybe my problem has to do with the fact it’s still trying to pull from yahoo. Not sure, but I’m ready to download a new weather app and hide this one (since it can’t be deleted).

          • That must be extra frustrating for you because you can’t update the iOS, however I can tell you from experience that the problem isn’t corrected with an iOS update. It seems to come and go and sometimes it lasts for a long time and sometimes for minutes. I’ve never quite seen anything like it. I mean, data is data and data gets corrupt, but this is weird.

  3. Yep it’s like Groundhog Day because I just lived through Thursday but my weather says it’s Wednesday. At least it’s not going to snow in my iPhone world.

  4. I have an Android, but my boyfriend’s and his brother’s iPhone weather apps have both been showing weird weather and incorrect dates for a few days now. We are eastern time (Marquette, Mi). Not as extreme as yours with sunrise/sunset times but seems to be stuck in the past by a week. Obviosuly not a concern, but curious if there is any more information on this yet?

    • I heard from so many people who said that their Android phones were unaffected. Sigh. Definitely a strange iPhone issue that is getting worse because it’s popping it in different ways for different people in different places. Thank you for reading and for leaving the comment and letting us know.

  5. Filip Preobrazhensky

    Where I am (Ust-Kamenogorsk in far east Kazakhstan) the local weather via the iPhone standard app (iOS 6.1.3) has for the past week or so been giving wildly inaccurate days and associated temperature/weather results.

    This morning (Monday23/11/2015), when I woke, it was dark, snowing and -25C via my external electronic thermo-hygrometer, the iPhone insisted that not only that it was Thursday, but it was sunny and +7C … it hasn’t been that temperature for over a month now … two other cities in the same time zone as me in Kazakhstan are on different days, Almaty, is currently Tuesday, Astana is Friday …

    All my other sites I check on the iPhone app are also wildly incorrect … Sydney in Australia, it is Wednesday, Brighton in the UK it is Tuesday (Oban, Inverness, Edinburgh and Aultbea in Scotland are at least on Monday, although Hull in England is on Thursday), Abu Dhabi in UAE it is Wednesday, Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan it is Friday, Birmensdorf in Switzerland is currently Thursday.

    • It sounds like the problems are manifesting in different ways in different locations, and some of the problems are worse than the others. You have my sympathies. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  6. It’s not only the day that is wrong. Every location has its own day and time, even within the same time zone.
    That is weird. I read something about yahoo being the source of the weather data. Maybe they can help?

    • It seems as though the corrupt data is showing up in different ways in different regions. Since I wrote this, the problem appears fixed. Sorry you are having troubles, and thank you for reading and commenting.

  7. The iPhone weather app is stuck on Sunday (12/20/2015) for Chicago. I added Chicago manually and it is also stuck on Sunday with no temp for Sunday. I deleted and then added Edinburgh, UK and it is showing today Tuesday with a high and low but no current temp. I just added New York and it is showing the current temp for Tuesday, 61 high 52 low and a 5 day forecast. So it seems like it is a Chicago / Central timezone maybe problem. iPhone 4s ios 7.

    • Sorry to hear you are having problems with it. It definitely sounds like some sort of data problem related to the Central Time Zone, yes. It’s about time they got their act together – been going on for a long time now.

  8. Right now, iphone weather app shows very different results as compared to Weather.com. (I meant for Cupertino, California)

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