Sunday , May 22 2022
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Apple Watch spring collection sneak peek?

Did we just get a sneak peek at new Apple Watch band colors? Quite possibly, if we read into a story about the release of the new iPad mini.

It’s always exciting when Apple releases its seasonal collection of watch bands, and it’s harder and harder to try to guess the colors with so many already available.

But I think Apple might have inadvertently tipped its hand when it released new smart covers for the updated iPad mini.

Two colors that I haven’t seen anywhere else pop up:

• Papaya

• Charcoal gray

Now keep in mind, this doesn’t mean these two colors are going to be in the spring 2019 Apple Watch band collection. But as someone who loves to eat papayas and who just bought a charcoal gray suit last week, I’m really holding out hope my thought process is sound.

We should find out the day of the big “It’s Show Time” Apple event on March 25, or close to it, but it’s fun to imagine what could be. And I don’t think guessing correctly ahead of time takes away any of that excitement.

What do you think? Papaya? Charcoal gray? Either of those grab your attention and potentially your credit card? Let us know on the Facebook page, now the most popular Facebook page for Apple Watch news, tips, chat and fun.

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