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Apple Watch Series 4: Five really annoying things

Please don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my Apple Watch Series 4. I love it more than my Series 3 and the original I had before that. The extra screen real estate and those new faces (more on those in another post) are game-changers!

But there are some things about Series 4 that are annoying. And when I say annoying, I mean mind-boggingly how could this possibly happen OMG Apple it’s 2018 and this is your fourth watch annoying. Please note that in my world some of these might be very tiny in yours. But hey, who’s writing this? 🙂

Here are my top 5:

1. There are no Apple complications available for the new infograph faces!

Apple made it a point to showcase these incredible faces as a cornerstone to the new watch’s capabilities. The screen runs almost to the edge now, so there’s room for all kinds of extra complications — 8 in total! But go through the choices and you’ll barely find any Apple options such as messages or mail or find my friends. Calendar is there in some forms, but even that’s not built out enough. 3rd party ones I am a bit more lenient with, but for the company that’s creating the watch to not offer a messages complication out of the box on its featured face is a true head-scratcher.

Series 4 Apple Watch infograph
Series 4 Apple Watch infograph

2. You can’t change the colors on the infograph modular face!

The color of the time is editable on previous watches and even on other faces!! But on this face the time is white and only white. Funny thing is white is my favorite choice for the time but sometimes I want to change it to match the band. This feels like an oversight so simple, like someone who was editing didn’t notice it. If it’s so simple to do on existing faces why can’t it be done here. No doubt we’ll get this in an update but we shouldn’t have to wait for one.

3. The Music complication only works if you are listening to music on the watch itself, not your iPhone!

The only saving grace here is the little now playing symbol that appears at the top of the watch face. But I would love to control my music or see more info for what I’m listening to on my watch face. This should easily be at least a choice vs being forced to choose one over the other.

4.  There is no Podcast complication or presence on the face itself!

I know I already listed the lack of Apple complications but with the podcasts app being a showcase feature of watchOS 5, how is there no way to control podcasts through the face itself? This is one of those luxuries we expect from Apple not to be a luxury. For the company that likes to say “it just works,” this doesn’t work.

5.  The Siri Watch Face on Apple Watch Series 4 really isn’t any better than it was and it wasn’t good then!

I knew deep down this would be the case, although I wanted to believe even for a minute that I was wrong. Sadly, at the end of the day, Siri could be as smart as Alexa if not smarter yet someone she’s not. The face doesn’t really learn the way the examples show and still contains all this useless info. That and I notice the battery drops faster on this face, but to be fair it drops about the same speed on the infograph face. Anyhow, there’s more work that needs to be done behind the scenes until this face is truly worth our time.

All that said, I love this thing. Every release has those annoying things and some are worse than others. From here, Apple usually improves things through software updates. I look forward to getting all of these things addressed quickly.

And in the meantime, I would love to know your thoughts about the Apple Watch Series 4. You can leave comments here of course, and I invite you to join the conversation on my new Apple Watch Facebook page. Now over 4,000 people strong it’s the hottest space for cool Apple Watch talk, tips, tricks and info. Here’s some more info about it too!

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