Sunday , May 22 2022
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Why you should know your recovery rate

It’s not enough to simply monitor your heartbeat, especially when it comes to working out. That’s why recovery rate is a term you should know.

On the Apple Watch, tap the heart rate icon in your workout summary to see not only your workout heart rate, but also your recovery rate.


Your recovery heart rate — or simply recovery rate — is a pulse measurement that is taken immediately following intense exercise. It measures your heart’s ability to return to a normal pace after exercise. It can also be used to classify a person’s overall fitness capability.

Simply put, the more fit you are, the faster your recovery. Your heart rate drops most sharply in the first minute after you stop exercising. After that, it should then fall about 20 beats a minute. If it drops less than 12 beats a minute, that’s considered abnormal. In other words, you shouldn’t stay winded for an extended period of time.

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