Wednesday , July 6 2022
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I love my Apple Watch, but …

Let me start by saying that I love my Apple Watch.

I love glancing down and instantly seeing the temperature.

I love reading and responding to text messages without having to remove my iPhone from my pocket, even if responding via Siri is far from perfect.

I love knowing the latest baseball scores and weather warnings. There’s a lot to love.

And there’s also plenty to hate, and lately I’m starting to see a big weakness of the Apple Watch: exercising and fitness.

Up until a few weeks ago, the extent of my exercise was walking. I’ve been walking all my life and it has always been my way of keeping in semi-ok shape and losing weight when necessary. Prior to the Apple Watch I wore a Nike Fuelband, but I really became disillusioned with that the longer I wore it. I did realize that having something on my arm served as motivation to get up and moving.

Scott-kleinberg-apple-watch-heartbeatRecently I joined a gym and found a trainer. And with or without my Apple Watch on, this guy kicks my ass twice a week. I mean ow! A few days in while I was pedaling the bike, he asked me to fire up the heart monitor on my watch to see what it read, even though there is a similar monitor built into the bike. And when I swiped through the glances, the watch would freeze and reboot. It took minutes to come back online.

Either way, it takes a long time to register. It shows a number that is clearly too low and then 30 seconds or a minute later a number that seems more plausible pops up. Sometimes the watch face turns off before the reading is complete and I have to start again.

Scott-kleinberg-apple-watch-ringsAnd then there are the rings, the 3 rings of health: Move, exercise and standing. The move goal is suggested by Apple but you can adjust it. Exercise is locked at 30 minutes and the stand goal is set at 12 hours. When I walk, the move and exercise rings change accordingly. When I bike, the move rings go. But when I’m training, it barely registers and believe me when I tell you I’m moving until it hurts.

One of the key elements of the Apple Watch, the thing touted over anything else by CEO Tim Cook, is supposed to be fitness. In fact, I was really looking forward to getting my watch so I could finally get rid of my Nike Fuelband.

image imageLet me repeat. I love my Apple Watch. I wear it during all of my waking hours and have no plans to sell it. I just wish it did a better job with fitness and health. The one thing I haven’t lost sight of is that this is the very first iteration of hardware and we’re only at version 2.0 of the operating system.

The iPhone is at version 6S and only now are people starting to agree that this iPhone is awesome. Look how many years it took.

On one hand (wrist) it’s wrong to expect perfection this quick. Just like working out, you won’t see results after just a short period of time.

I’ve known this about Apple, as I’ve been using the company’s products since 1984.

Scott-kleinberg-apple-watch-standBut I think it’s because I knew a watch was in development for years that made me hope this product was different. The weird thing about me is I don’t mind spending another $349 to upgrade my hardware. I’m just glad I didn’t spend $1,000 on a stainless steel version.

I love my Apple Watch, flaws and all. And I’ll stand by it. It needs work, but we all do.

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