Wednesday , July 6 2022
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UPDATE NOW: New emoji awaits

Here’s a question to ponder: Who would have ever imagined the world would get excited about a taco emoji?

But we are. And it’s not just the taco. It’s the burrito. And the hot dog. And the cheese. And the unicorn. And the squirrel.

And let us not forget the middle finger, for those of us who absolutely have to flip someone off in a text message.


The road to new emoji is a pretty cool process. Long story short, there’s a consortium that makes the recommendations and eventually approvals, and then it’s up to the companies like Apple and Google to create the actual art that goes onto their devices. There are all kinds of other apps that will give you specific kinds of emoji (i.e. faces of famous people, sports logos, etc.) but those aren’t the actual official emoji.

So why so long to get an official emoji for a hunk of cheese? And a hot dog? And a taco? I mean, these aren’t new things. Hard to say, but even Taco Bell was pushing hard for a taco emoji. And now they got that AND a burrito. Lucky.

And there are little gems that just make you smile. The nerdy looking smiley in glasses. The snowman with snowflakes around it. The robot. The turkey. Of course we’ll never have every single emoji that we’ll need, but now we’re 150 emoji closer to the holy land.

Back to the headline which begins “UPDATE NOW.” If you are not running iOS 9.1, you don’t have these emoji. And if someone who is running iOS 9.1 sends you an emoji you’ll see a square with a question mark. Same goes for the Apple Watch and your Mac. You need to have Apple Watch OS 2.0.1 and Mac OS 10.11.1 to see and send these emoji, so if you have all these devices it’ll take a bit of coordination to get up to speed. But I think it’s worth it. So far, I’m the only person I know who has updated because no one is able to share in my joy. I know that’s just temporary and I look forward to sharing tacos and unicorns with my closest friends soon.

What’s your favorite new emoji? Let me know in the comments.

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