Wednesday , July 6 2022
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Hello again: Big surprise from Apple


There’s a lot of talk about Apple’s big event on Oct. 27, which we’ve long known will center on a long overdue update of the MacBook Pro. The MacBook, MacBook Air and iMac are also likely to see updates, and there could be other mentions such as the availability of the new AirPods and a Thunderbolt display, but this day should belong to Apple’s portables.

Then, the invites to the media came out. There’s always some hidden message in these, and there’s little that’s more fun then trying to figure out what it is.

Scott-Kleinberg-helloThe way I see it, this one is a no-brainer. “hello again” clearly refers to the Mac, which Apple introduced in 1984 with the single word “hello.” That is not a word Apple just throws around, so this will not just be a simple processor upgrade or boost. Rumors say the new MacBook Pro will have an OLED strip in place of function keys along the top row and the strip will act as a screen that changes depending on the program in use. So while Apple Music is launched, you might see music controls.

Thats big, but in my mind that’s not enough to qualify for the word hello.

My take: The MacBook Pro will be some type of hybrid iPad and laptop, a la a cool Microsoft Surface. I can see the screen detaching via some kind of magnetic enclosure that doubles as a charging mechanism. So when you attach the screen the entire thing charges. And because it’s an iPad hybrid, it works great with the amazing Apple Pencil, which sadly still will cost extra.

What will we call this beautiful machine? I’m going with MacPad and MacPad Pro. It will appeal to professionals and to artists and creative types. I’m guessing it will come in a 13-inch variety, although a 15-inch variety isn’t out of the question.

Of course I’m only guessing, but it would be silly if Apple invoked such an iconic slogan just to bump up the specs. Remember: We haven’t seen an update to the MacBook Pro line in 4 years. That’s not because Apple is busy, it’s because it takes time to build an entirely new machine.

Bonus: It would be phenomenal if the musical guest was Neil Diamond. “Hello again, hello. Just called to say hello.”

What do you think? Have I finally gone mad? Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @scottkleinberg. It’s possible that I’m totally wrong.

But what if I’m not?

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