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World Cup champs: Social media on KGO

Tuesday. That’s the day we talk social media on KGO’s After the Bell with Jason Middleton and Kim Foster. Today, we talked about Facebook and Twitter’s performance during the World Cup, as well as LeBron James’ performance during the World Cup and Spotify’s wedding data gathering.

world-cup-kgoHere’s the short version: Twitter and Facebook reported records on their platforms for the overall tournament and the last match between Germany and Argentina. And LeBron James just happened to go to the final match in Brazil and instagram a streaker running across the field. And as for Spotify, here comes the playlist that brides and grooms might create based on data collected from tens of thousands of wedding playlists.

We chat about social media most Tuesdays at 3:37 p.m. Central/1:37 p.m. Pacific. Here’s a link to the After The Bell blog for more.

Next week, you might want to listen live. Or not. But if you do, here’s the link to the KGO 810 livestream.

Please let us know what you think. Thanks for listening.

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