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Why you should download and follow me on Flipboard

Flipboard is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone and iPad. It’s my favorite way to consume news and find new and interesting links to share with my social media audience.

I’ve been a Cool Curator on Flipboard for many months. Cool Curators are trusted users who Flipboard recognizes for sharing great content. Recently, Flipboard turned up the volume with version 2.0 and added magazines which basically allows anyone to be a curator. I love it.

scott-kleinberg-flipboardI quickly added my own magazines to the mix and am up to 17. The topics include social media, coffee and Chicago. Instead of having one magazine for all things 80s, I have 10 separate magazines devoted to each year, 1980-1989.

One of the great things Flipboard allows is for people to “reflip” content from one magazine to another. So everything is shared. If I see something cool in a retro magazine by someone else, I can reflip it into one of my 80s magazines. You can find out at any time how many readers (subscribers) you have, how many page flips your content has been responsible for and how many articles are in your magazine. You can change the cover image and move things around. It’s just as if you’re laying out your own magazine.

To find me, you need to download Flipboard from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and then just search for “Scott Kleinberg.” You can find all kinds of stuff from me, but magazines are a great place to start. I promise to keep adding new content and creating new magazines.

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