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The Friday Fix: Nov. 6, 2015

Welcome to the Friday Fix, where I share random thoughts to ponder before the weekend.

scott-kleinberg-salted-caramelThe salted caramel hot chocolate at Ghirardelli is amazingly good. I’ve had salted caramel drinks before and usually the salt is a bit overpowering. This was just right. I’ve been very cautious lately when it comes to sweets of any kind because I’ve been trying to get in shape and lose weight. So this was my first break/cheat in several weeks. Well worth it.

Speaking of getting in shape and losing weight, I’m down 12 pounds in just over a month and lost about 4 percent body fat. Had my annual physical yesterday and doc says I’m healthy.

scott-kleinberg-appleSpeaking of getting healthy, I’m being increasingly disillusioned with my Apple Watch and the problems with fitness measurement. I wrote about this before, but I’m noticing it more now that I’m more active and using more of the fitness and exercise functions. The good news is that the Apple community is speaking out about it in a big way and there’s no way Apple can’t be reading it. I’m aware that this is most version 1.0, so I’m hopeful things will get better soon.

Speaking of getting in shape and losing weight and getting healthy, my job is tough whenever I get an email from someone on the food and dining staff. The latest email was about Thanksgiving pies. And now I want pie.

Speaking of getting in shape and losing weight and getting healthy and pies, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? We usually have a quiet meal at home after spending the morning at the Chicago McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade on State Street. Then at night, I like to deliver Thanksgiving meals to Chicago’s homeless. This will be the 6th year I’ve done that. Look for a specific post about this soon.

The-Peanuts-Movie-2015The Peanuts Movie comes out this weekend. Mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa-mwa. Mwwwwaaaaaaa.

Home Alone is turning 25. ELO is back. Japan is using cassettes and fax machines. I’m holding out hope that my 80s wardrobe of white jeans and stonewashed denim jacket will be next to return to favor.

Liverpool is experimenting with fast-walking pedestrian lanes. I don’t need my own lane, but I’m a fast walker and certainly wouldn’t mind trying it. If Chicago ever starts this, I promise I will never run you down a la the stupid bicyclists who don’t understand that the traffic signals apply to them too.

Anyone still having trouble sleeping after the end of Daylight Saving Time? Happens to me every year.

Social media editor, social media manager, audience engagement editor, growth editor – these are all the same job, despite what people try to tell you. The only difference is your business card.

Speaking of social media, I wrote about the mess that is Twitter Moments. I’m hoping someone from Twitter calls me to talk about it, because I know how to fix it.

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