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The Friday Fix: Nov. 20, 2015

Welcome to the Friday Fix, where I share random thoughts to ponder before the weekend.

scott-kleinberg-snowstormSo here’s the real Chicago weather forecast for tonight and Saturday. There’s a winter storm warning for heavy snow that may or may not stick. Accumulations could range from 1-6 inches downtown to as much as 2-14 inches inland away from Lake Michigan. It might be windy, but then again it might not. Plan accordingly. Or don’t.

The first episode of Dick Wolf’s Chicago Med is in the books, and I really enjoyed it. However, I’ve been comparing it to one of my favorite shows of all time – E.R. And I need to stop doing that, because (a) nothing will ever be E.R. and (b) it’s not E.R. That said, I’m hoping they focus a little less on the crazy medicine and more on the characters. I realize as I’m writing this that I just described Grey’s Anatomy, and we really don’t need another one of those.

I’ve been a quest to get fit and lose weight again, and that means no chestnut praline lattes and pumpkin spice chai. Normally, it’s black coffee or sweetened cold brew, but the other day I created my own drink that wasn’t half bad. I got a light roast coffee at Peet’s with a steamed topper of almond milk and then added sugar and a dusting of cinnamon. It was really good and pretty healthy compared to any other latte.

If you have an opportunity to do an emoji weather forecast on Twitter, I highly recommend it. People seem to enjoy it.

Miley Cyrus is a weird, weird person.

scott-kleinberg-ipad-proI’m not buying an iPad Pro. I wasn’t really planning on it, but I figured I would let the reviews speak for themselves and if they were great I might reconsider. My laptop is from 2008 and while it’s still working, it’s awfully slow. My reasoning? There’s a lack of software for it and a big bug that’s all over the discussion boards. Ready? After the iPad Pro charges, it becomes unresponsive. Apple has issued an official fix. I’ll wait until you get a pen to write this down: Ready? Turn it off and on. I love Apple, but if Apple can’t test for something this simple before releasing the product, I’m going to steer clear. How do you not charge the thing and make sure it works?

I love all these stories about how Carly Simon has finally revealed the secret of her song “You’re So Vain.” In case you didn’t know, “You’re So Vain” refers to a song about a mysterious person who “probably thinks this song is about you, because you’re so vain.” Turns out the story really doesn’t shed any new light, however there have always been guesses. I wonder if the person is still alive, and if so if it gnaws at them every day.

Did I mention that Miley Cyrus is a really weird person? There’s a video that I won’t link to of her with a sex toy on the stage of her Chicago concert.

scott-kleinberg-asian-chicken-saladI found my favorite new salad. It’s the asian chicken salad at Panera Bread. The only modification I make is for nutrition – I get it without wonton strips. But the dressing is this ginger sesame and it’s reduced sugar. I wouldn’t normally go out of my way for reduced-sugar anything, but that’s the default and it’s really, really good. And unlike other salads, this one isn’t summer only — I’m talking to you, strawberry poppyseed chicken salad.

So to recap: Lots or no snow, your iPad Pro is messed up, Carly Simon isn’t singing about you, one Grey’s Anatomy is enough, make a fake latte and eat an Asian chicken salad, although not together.

And Miley Cyrus is weird.

Have a great weekend everyone. Talk to me about anything you see here and whatever else is on your mind in the comments or chat me up on Twitter.

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