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The Friday Fix: Nov. 13, 2015

Welcome to the Friday Fix, where I share random thoughts to ponder before the weekend.

This cold weather in Chicago isn’t cold at all. The normal high temperature for this date is 50 degrees. It’s 48 now and we’re all bundled up and freezing and complaining like we’ve got icicles growing from our noses. Truth is, the only reason we’re so cold is because it has been so warm. And more 60s are in the forecast as we head toward Thanksgiving. My advice: Enjoy it and be quiet while doing it. El niño or not, something will happen this winter that will make us look back at this and laugh.

Apple News is terrible.

Twitter Moments is only slightly less terrible.

No coffee drink containing vanilla needs more than 2 pumps of vanilla. I believe that’s truly the sweet spot. Did you know that in some venti-sized drinks, there are 6 pumps of sweetener? You might think you need that much, because believe me I used to “need” it, but now I realize how sweet two pumps are. Your body will thank you for the sugar break.

scott-kleinberg-starbucks-christmasSpeaking of Starbucks, I can’t believe we wasted so much time with the whole “red cup controversy.” What controversy? There’s so much Christmas at Starbucks. This photo is only the beginning. There’s gift cards and ornaments and even music! It’s impossible to miss.

What do you all think of the iPad Pro? I can’t help but notice that everyone is so focused on whether or not it can take the place of a laptop. That wasn’t the case until Tim Cook said there was no need to buy a PC these days. I think he was really talking about PCs and not laptops in general. The iPad Pro seems like more than just a giant iPad, what with its new Apple Pencil and smart case, but I don’t think it’s a replacement for a laptop. Remember: Macs run on Mac OS and iPads run on iOS. Even if the Pro runs a special version of iOS, it’s still iOS. I like iOS. I think it’s great on my phone, but I can’t imagine ever powering a computer with it. As always, the best thing you can do is go to an Apple Store and try it out for yourself, but remember: The price of the iPad Pro after you add the Pencil (must-have) and keyboard (must-have) is about the cost of a MacBook Air. So in most cases, you do have to pick one or the other.

Chicago Med, the latest in the Dick Wolf Chicago trilogy on NBC, premieres this coming Tuesday. Watch it. We’ve been meeting the characters on Chicago Fire and Chicago PD and most seem intriguing and likable. That’s one of Dick Wolf’s strengths, and this guy knows TV. And I can’t speak highly enough about Chicago Fire and Chicago PD … two really great shows.

Speaking of Chicago Med, blisters in the middle of your second to last toe really suck, and they suck even more when you are using the treadmill a lot to try to get into better shape. No art with this one.

Cold brew + Rumchata = Amazing drink.

Have a great weekend everyone. Talk to me about anything you see here and whatever else is on your mind in the comments or chat me up on Twitter.

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  1. I love this weather. The ability to layer clothes. It’s fun.