Thursday , June 1 2017
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Meet Grandma Betty: Social media on KGO 810


Happy social media Tuesday, everyone. Today, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about a new study about Twitter engagement, Twitter’s new test and Instagram star Grandma Betty. Grandma Betty is an 80-year-old grandmother from Indiana who is battling cancer. Her great-grandson opened an Instagram account to support her journey …

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SELFIE and Bill Cosby: Social media on KGO 810


You should read this in your best Bill Cosby voice. Today, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about what a social media editor does when Twitter goes down, Bill Cosby joining Twitter and the selfie’s transformation from iconic photo to iconic music video. We talk social media on Tuesday, …

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Ellen’s selfie and normcore: Social media on KGO 810

Seinfeld's Girlfriends Episode #04 512 The Stall Special Guest: Jami Gertz 1997 Castle Rock En

Wake up, San Francisco. I’m Danny Tanner. And I’m … wait a minute, this isn’t that show. This is After the Bell on KGO 810. Good segue into packing a full house worth of social media into 3 minutes. Today, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about Ellen’s Oscar-winning …

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Facebook mail, Coke’s joke: Social media on KGO 810


I really like the intro KGO uses for our segment: “On most Tuesdays we talk social with the Chicago Tribune’s social media editor, Scott Kleinberg.” They do. I mean, we do. And this week, we talked about the end of Facebook mail (what, you never heard of it?), LinkedIn’s helpful …

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Love, hackers and Top Gun: Social media on KGO 810


This week on After The Bell on KGO 810, we talk about love, hacking Instagram and Top Gun. Yes, that Top Gun. And some how, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I managed to fit it all into three minutes. Most Tuesdays, we talk social media at 3:37 p.m. Central Time/1:37 p.m. …

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Pinterest is on Target: Social media Tuesday on KGO


Target hasn’t done all that well with social media lately, but maybe its fortunes are starting to turn around. A partnership with Pinterest is behind that. Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about that on After The Bell on KGO 810. And we talked about Klout and a different look …

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The day I singlehandedly saved the world from CNN’s banana hammer


All morning, CNN correspondent Ted Rowlands has been in Naperville, IL, showing the world how cold it is. He tried to demonstrate this by using a frozen banana to hammer a nail into a piece of wood. He labeled said fruit tool a “banana hammer.” Banana Hammer. You keep using …

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How I use social media at work: Engaging with photos

If you follow me on social media – and I sure hope you do – you know that I love photos. Whether it’s photos of buildings or cocktails or food or people, I can’t get enough. My website is a reflection of the importance of big images and color. I’ve …

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Facebook could be ready to announce Instagram video

There is a rumor floating around this morning that Facebook’s big announcement on the 20th is Instagram will get short video. So a few things come to mind: 1. This is a rumor and may not be true. 2. This could be true. 3. If it is true, do we …

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Facebook launches hashtags

#If #you #like #hashtags, #rejoice. Facebook just announced they are being rolled out and by some lucky roll of the dice, I have them. (I never get Facebook goodies first, despite my important title of social mediaologist). Anyhow, they’re exactly what you would expect from a hashtag. When you hashtag …

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