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Still waiting on Molly Ringwald: Social media on KGO


It’s Tuesday, and that’s when I talk social media with Jason Middleton and Kim Foster on KGO’s After The Bell. But today, Jason was at Moscone Center introducing Diane Keaton at an event for 500 women. I can’t top that, but I did my best. Today, I shared with all …

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Livetweeting earthquakes: Social media on KGO 810


If it’s Tuesday, it’s time to talk social media with Jason Middleton and Kim Foster on KGO’s After The Bell. We shook up the internets today, talking about why livetweeting earthquakes is an important thing. Then we shifted over to Amazon joining forces – sort of – with Twitter. And …

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Facebook users worth $5.85: Social media on KGO 810


Most Tuesdays, we talk social media on KGO, and today Jason Middleton and I discussed the value of Facebook and the power of Pinterest. Click on the SoundCloud box above to listen to the segment and/or read more about it coming up in 3 … 2 … 1 … So …

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44% of accounts don’t tweet: Social media on KGO 810


Social media Tuesday on KGO, and today we’re talking about tweeting. Or not tweeting, in this case. Click above to listen to the segment and/or read more about it below. Of the 954 million Twitter accounts in existence – and yes, I counted each one – 44 percent of those …

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Porn, threats and Twitter: Social media on KGO 810


Three minutes of porn, this week on Social Media Tuesdays on KGO 810’s After the Bell. That’s what she said! I never thought I’d be talking on the radio about porn with Kim Foster, but it was our top social media story this week. While Jason Middleton was out sick, …

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The $3,000 ‘I do’: Social media weddings on KGO 810


Social media weddings. Must be social media Tuesday on KGO 810’s After the Bell with Jason Middleton, and Kim Foster. Today, we talked about social media weddings that will set you back 3 grand, how Major League Baseball wins on social media and what can go wrong with Facebook’s push …

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BASICally the best email response ever


If you follow me on Twitter, and I hope you do, you know that I have little patience for bad press releases. I specifically despise the ones labeled “BREAKING” or “BREAKING NEWS” when it’s neither. For example, here’s a portion of an actual email. From: [redacted] Sent: Monday, March 10, …

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April Fools Day: Social media on KGO 810


It’s Tuesday, and even on April Fools Day it’s social media Tuesday. Today, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I did a roundup of the best April Fools jokes and fun. And we threw in a little Stephen Colbert for good measure, who, despite always being funny, had a brush with …

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Social Mediaologist tip No. 1: Tweet shorter


The less you can write, the better. Just make sure to always get your point across. The reason you don’t want to use all the characters is to always make sure you allow room for the person to retweet.

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The science of Instagram: Social media on KGO 810


It’s Tuesday, otherwise known as social media Tuesday in these parts. Today, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about Instagram science, the day the (Twitter) music died and YouTube for kids. Did you know that there’s more to a selfie than meets the eye? Instagram photos with faces in …

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