Thursday , June 1 2017
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10,000-character tweets won’t fix Twitter


You know what you call a 10,000-character tweet? An email. In case you haven’t heard, it appears Twitter is considering lifting the 140-character limit that defines it in favor of a 10,000 character limit. The tweets, according to these reports, wouldn’t necessarily be seen in their entirety in your feed, …

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Facebook mail, Coke’s joke: Social media on KGO 810


I really like the intro KGO uses for our segment: “On most Tuesdays we talk social with the Chicago Tribune’s social media editor, Scott Kleinberg.” They do. I mean, we do. And this week, we talked about the end of Facebook mail (what, you never heard of it?), LinkedIn’s helpful …

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Social media is like dating: Flirt, but don’t be easy


In my latest So Social column for the Chicago Tribune, I talk about how to decide who you should follow. I close the column by comparing the whole experience to dating. Here, I’m going to expand on that more, because I think social media and physical relationships have a lot …

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