Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Apple is right to not hack iPhone for FBI


The story about the FBI, and now the Department of Justice, wanting Apple’s help in hacking the iPhone used by one of the terrorists in the San Bernardino, Calif., attack has gripped America over the past week. And what a story it is. The FBI says it wants Apple to …

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UPDATE NOW: New emoji awaits


Here’s a question to ponder: Who would have ever imagined the world would get excited about a taco emoji? But we are. And it’s not just the taco. It’s the burrito. And the hot dog. And the cheese. And the unicorn. And the squirrel. And let us not forget the …

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Has Apple lost its cool?

I have been using Apple products since 1984. The story, for those of you who haven’t heard it, is I was the computer center helper in 7th grade. I hated the kids in my homeroom, so after roll call I was allowed to go to the lab and help the …

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Why you should download and follow me on Flipboard


Flipboard is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone and iPad. It’s my favorite way to consume news and find new and interesting links to share with my social media audience. I’ve been a Cool Curator on Flipboard for many months. Cool Curators are trusted users who Flipboard recognizes …

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Facebook Home: Only for Android, never for iPhone

So how about that Facebook announcement today? Most people were expecting a phone and they kind of got that, but not really. What they got was an immersive Facebook experience built into a phone. They aren’t the same thing. What Facebook is doing is building its product into the Android …

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Facebook followers: It can be good when numbers go down

When Facebook first launched subscribe, which allows people to follow my public updates without being my friend, I was very interested and an early adopter. It’s great that I can keep my friends and family separate from everything else with just a simple click. Over time, my subscriber count grew. …

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