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Facebook Home: Only for Android, never for iPhone

So how about that Facebook announcement today? Most people were expecting a phone and they kind of got that, but not really. What they got was an immersive Facebook experience built into a phone. They aren’t the same thing. What Facebook is doing is building its product into the Android …

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Journalists, never post something like this on social media

Journalists have a duty to be fair and always deliver the news without bias. That goes for in print and online. This photo should go in the training manuals for all journalists and aspiring journalists under the heading “NEVER DO THIS!” The quick back story: A doctor was previously convicted …

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Gay marriage: Facebook turns red in support of equality


No, there’s nothing wrong with your Facebook feed. All of those red and pink equal sign symbols you see are part of a viral trend to show support for gay marriage equality. The U.S. Supreme Court is holding hearings on gay marriage today and tomorrow, and social media users are …

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Facebook followers: It can be good when numbers go down

When Facebook first launched subscribe, which allows people to follow my public updates without being my friend, I was very interested and an early adopter. It’s great that I can keep my friends and family separate from everything else with just a simple click. Over time, my subscriber count grew. …

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If your Facebook is making noise …

Birds chirp. Your Facebook should not. So here’s where to look in case you can’t stand the noise. Big h/t to Kate Gardiner for posting about this and making me aware.

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Facebook may follow Twitter and implement hashtags

When I read the stories today reporting Facebook is considering implementing hashtags, the only word that came to mind to describe my reaction was #annoying. And then I thought of some others: #Uninspired, #unoriginal and #copycat. I realize that no one owns a hashtag. The pound symbol or hash mark …

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Pitch your story: Tips to get noticed, not ignored

On my iPhone and at work, I have 3 lines of text that show up whenever I receive an email. This is meant to ensure that I have a general idea of why you are writing me and so I don’t miss anything important. Keep the previous paragraph in mind …

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Social media is like dating: Flirt, but don’t be easy


In my latest So Social column for the Chicago Tribune, I talk about how to decide who you should follow. I close the column by comparing the whole experience to dating. Here, I’m going to expand on that more, because I think social media and physical relationships have a lot …

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Hey, Facebook: Keep your nose out of my Valentine’s Day

Dear Facebook, While I appreciate you thinking you control all aspects of my life, I am respectfully asking you to stop suggesting gifts for my Valentine. Your sea salt caramels sound delicious, but I already have Valentine’s Day figured out. And those honey jelly beans, clearly a bargain at just …

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