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Rooms: Talk about social media in #SoSocial


Let’s try something new and hopefully fun. I started #SoSocial in the new Facebook Rooms app. And I’m inviting you. Here’s how it works: 1. Download the Rooms app (currently iOS only). It’s not connected to Facebook at all. You don’t even have to share your real name, although you are …

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Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for following me on Twitter

I love being a social media professional, and today made me love my job even more. For as long as I can remember, I have been trying to get Jimmy Fallon to follow me on Twitter. I have been tweeted by the @FallonTonight account, which is awesome, but until today …

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Chicago snow: When meteorologists attack


On vacation. Back on Monday. Sorry I missed out on the snow. How did this work out for you? — jerrytaft (@jerrytaft) March 12, 2014   Quite possibly the best weather tweet I’ve ever seen. For those of you in Chicago who somehow managed to miss this or if …

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Covering Harold Ramis: From the social media desk


Harold Ramis is dead, and what a loss it is. He was one of the most influential comedic voices of my generation, and it’s so hard to imagine the world without such a talented guy. Think about it: Here’s a guy who wasn’t afraid of no ghosts. A guy who …

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The bitter truth about the polar vortex

Polar vortex. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. The last time the polar vortex “came down” and “invaded” the United States, “meteorologists” were amazed and couldn’t wait to share their “knowledge” with you. Why all the quotes, you ask? Because …

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Sometimes, all it takes is a little cinnamon and sugar to swirl up some sweet memories. Doughnuts are everywhere these days. Shops are popping up, and where there are no shops, there are walk-up windows. Gone are the days of chocolate frosted, powdered sugar and cinnamon. Now, we’re all about …

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Twinkies are back? I’m shocked! (not)


When Twinkies were about to disappear last fall, we saw people taking off work to stand in line to get some of the last ones. We saw people paying in excess of $100 for a single Twinkie on eBay. It was not only the end of an era, it was …

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Starbucks orange spice iced coffee review

Starbucks orange spice iced coffee is one of the new drinks for summer. Took me a few days, but I finally have a review. In a word, Starbucks orange spice iced coffee is OK. It’s iced coffee, shaken with cinnamon, an orange wedge and classic syrup. I got it half-sweetened …

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Why you should download and follow me on Flipboard


Flipboard is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone and iPad. It’s my favorite way to consume news and find new and interesting links to share with my social media audience. I’ve been a Cool Curator on Flipboard for many months. Cool Curators are trusted users who Flipboard recognizes …

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Photo Challenge: I’m bringing it to the Chicago Tribune

When I worked at RedEye, I did this thing called the RedEye Photo Challenge. Each week we had a theme, and people would email us photos that they thought best fit the theme. Then, we picked some of our favorites to be included in a gallery on our website. It …

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