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Scott Kleinberg: The website

Scott Kleinberg

Say hello to Scott Kleinberg on the web.

One of my goals was to have my own website before I turned 40. Missed it by 15 days, but I’m OK with that.

First things first … I didn’t build it. That was done by Blueprint Design Studio and wow did they do a good job. As far as the design, I told them what I liked and what made me tick and they took it from there. Takes a certain kind of talent to figure me out, let me tell you.

Blueprint hooked me up with a tricked out design that allows my most recent tweets to blend in with my latest Instagram photos. And of course I can blog as much as I want and display posts in all kinds of awesome ways. I like to think of it as my social media headquarters.

Even better, the site features responsive web design. That means when you change the width or height of your browser window, everything redraws and looks awesome. It looks just as amazing on your mobile device or tablet.

And see those icons? There’s all, drink, food, travel, news, tech, humor and photo. It will take me a little while to get things all populated, but they’re pretty self-explanatory. And when you click on one, note that the site doesn’t reload – it’s super fast and fun to watch.

If you are interested in your own site, I can’t say enough nice things about Blueprint Design Studio. Tell them I sent you. Not sure what that will do for you, but it definitely can’t hurt.

I’ve got some work to do before it’s perfect – adding content, moving some things around, etc., so bear with me. And to borrow a phrase, if you see something, say something. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, so all help is very much appreciated. And if there’s something you’d like to see, I’d like very much to know about that too.

And thanks to all of you for being such fans of what I do. Whether you read, like, comment, share, retweet, +1, repin or whatever, I really appreciate it.

I’m Scott Kleinberg?

You stay classy, Chicago.

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  1. “Contrats and good luck with your new website Scott”.

  2. Scott, the site looks INCREDIBLE. It’s about time you had a home on the web. Congrats on the launch!

    • Thanks, Marcus. I appreciate that. Yeah, took a long time but happy I waited for it to turn out the way I was hoping. I appreciate the comment and the kind words.

  3. Thank you, Jennifer! I appreciate that.

  4. Ha! Thanks, Donna. Believe me, Mac will be featured plenty.

  5. Thanks, Connie. Honored to be part of your bookmarks.