Thursday , June 1 2017

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Twitter Moments: There’s no Lightning


I was so excited about Twitter moments. Twitter, with all its real-time data, was destined to hit a home run here. Hire a staff of people to curate and capture what we’re talking about and drive conversation to the point where current users are excited and new users sign up …

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The Friday Fix: Oct. 30, 2015


Welcome to the Friday Fix, where I share random thoughts to ponder before the weekend. Happy Halloween: Every year I see friends on Facebook dressing up and I think about it for a brief second. And then that second passes. This year I’m trying especially hard not to eat Halloween …

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Behold! The peanut butter cup stuffed burger


Oh, Canada. What were you thinking, eh? There’s a place up there called The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro, and they’re known for their unique stuffed burgers. Normally, that’s like a Juicy Lucy, which is when they put the cheese inside the patty. But that’s tame compared to what they’re doing …

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