Tuesday , May 30 2017

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Jesus would be ashamed of us

If you haven’t seen this YouTube video, you should watch it. It’s pretty wonderful. But meanwhile, here’s the story: Barista tells of a regular customer and his wife who come in every weekend. She found out that the guy hasn’t been able to visit his mom in a long time. …

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Best Christmas music: My Spotify playlist

I don’t listen to a lot of Christmas music, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take my Spotify Christmas playlist seriously. But what does a Jewish guy know about Christmas music? Turns out, some. While there are well over 100 songs on the list, about 40 of them were stolen …

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Facebook Poke is back – sort of

I’m trying to think of a practical use of Facebook Poke, the new app the company just released. It’s so new, it’s not even showing up in search. Facebook Poke is an iPhone app that lets you say a quick hello to friends, either using text, photo or video. But the …

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