Tuesday , May 30 2017

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Pet peeves: 100 things that suck

Recently, and I can’t remember exactly why, I said that something really sucked. And that got me thinking about pet peeves. Which inspired me to create a post called “100 things that suck.” Keep in mind, these are in no particular order and it’s certainly not the definitive list. If …

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Welcome to 2013

It’s hard to believe it’s 2013. It feels like just yesterday I was watching those horrendous New Year’s Eve broadcasts on our local TV stations. (Please click on that link, you’ll love it). But more importantly, it amazes me how fast time flies. 23 years since I graduated high school, …

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Our dog the video star

I posted a video on YouTube of our dog Mac The Puggle unwrapping a Christmas gift. It was cute, but I never expected what happened next. When I went to bed on Christmas night, there were 2 views. When I woke up, I had all kinds of comments and subscriptions. …

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