Thursday , June 1 2017

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Social media on KGO Radio: Emmys and Apple’s latest iOS update

I love how KGO radio’s website describes our Tuesday social media segment. We try to stay social all week, but Tuesdays are our social days on KGO’s After the Bell, when we chat with Scott Kleinberg, social media editor at the Chicago Tribune. It’s always a great idea to stay …

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Arrrrrgh! Talk Like a Pirate Day on Facebook, says I


Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day. And Facebook be making it easier. How? There’s a setting for English (Pirate) on Facebook under language. No kidding. To plunder, errrrr change things up to celebrate the day, go to and edit your language. In the pulldown menu, you’ll see English …

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iOS7 update fail: An open letter to Apple


Dear Apple, After spending hours just waiting for your measly 750 MB iOS7 file to download, I, like the rest of the Internet, cannot get the update to verify. The message is clear, the reasons are not. Software Update Unavailable Software update is not available at this time. Try again …

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