Monday , May 29 2017

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The day I singlehandedly saved the world from CNN’s banana hammer


All morning, CNN correspondent Ted Rowlands has been in Naperville, IL, showing the world how cold it is. He tried to demonstrate this by using a frozen banana to hammer a nail into a piece of wood. He labeled said fruit tool a “banana hammer.” Banana Hammer. You keep using …

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Social media on KGO Radio: Smile, we’re talking selfies


Selfie is the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year for 2013. And it just so happens to be the topic we discussed during social media Tuesday on KGO 810. And we took a deeper look at the rising problem of social media spam. It’s always great to talk social media …

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Social media on KGO Radio: Flipboard and the future


Flipboard. We dug into a cool new feature this week on social media Tuesday on KGO 810. And, we discussed why tweeting while you’re angry could make IBM’s day but ruin yours. I always look forward to chatting with Jason Middleton on his radio show After The Bell. We do …

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