Tuesday , May 30 2017

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Today for lunch, a 2.48-mile walk


Today for lunch, I had a 2.48-mile walk. I was able to get some sunshine and be rained on a bit all in the span of 42 minutes. I was thinking of grabbing a cup of soup from somewhere, but I really needed to clear my head more than I …

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Problem with Apple Weather app on iOS


There’s something weird happening with the Apple Weather app for iOS, the stock one that you have probably replaced with a better one anyhow. But I digress; accuracy matters no matter what the situation. My wife gets the credit for noticing it first. Note the photo to the left and …

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What movies give you chills at the end?

There are certain movies that give you a feeling inside – chills, for lack of a better term. I’m not talking about horror movies and things like that, I’m talking about movies that send a message or have an outcome that resonates. The most interesting ones to me are those …

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