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Quick and easy gift for Mother’s Day? Try Facebook

Flowers. Candy. Starbucks gift card. All suitable gifts for mom this Mother’s Day, which is May 12.

If your mom is on Facebook and this doesn’t freak you out to the point where you can’t function, you could use Facebook Gifts to buy her those things or something else.

giftIf you have never ordered something using Facebook Gifts, the process couldn’t be simpler. And you can post to the recipient’s wall letting them know a gift is on the way. And, the gift comes to the person’s door beautifully wrapped/presented.

Remember when I said it was simple?

Step 1: Go to your friend’s (mom’s) timeline and click gift.
Step 2: Shop around. (Just like your mama told you to do)
Step 3: Once you send a gift, Facebook notifies that person and requests their address.

And unlike the sweater without a gift receipt, your friend choose a different size, color or style. They can even swap it for another similarly priced gift before it ships, although they will not be informed of the price.

Buying your mom a gift off of Facebook is suitable for people who are:

  • Tech-savvy
  • Curious
  • Terrible at wrapping gifts
  • Notorious procrastinators
  • Lazy
  • Hooked on social media

If your mom is not on Facebook, you only have a few days to convince her to sign up and not make it look like you’re up to something. Because remember, once she’s on, she’s on. If the thought of her posting baby photos makes you shiver, you still have time to ship something the old-fashioned way.

Editor’s note: My mother is not on Facebook. This makes me very happy.

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