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Livetweeting earthquakes: Social media on KGO 810

If it’s Tuesday, it’s time to talk social media with Jason Middleton and Kim Foster on KGO’s After The Bell.

livetweeting-earthquakes-kgoWe shook up the internets today, talking about why livetweeting earthquakes is an important thing. Then we shifted over to Amazon joining forces – sort of – with Twitter. And finally, we talked about the new order when parties are organized via Twitter and 2,000 teens descend on a home.

And somehow, we fit that all into 3 and a half minutes. You can click on the SoundCloud box above to listen to the segment or keep reading. Or better, do both.

Most weeks at 3:37 p.m. Central/1:37 p.m. Pacific, we talk about what’s hot in social media. Here’s a link to the After The Bell blog.

And for more social media or to hear what’s going on in San Francisco, you can listen live on the KGO 810 livestream.

Please let us know what you think. And thanks for listening.

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