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iOS7 update fail: An open letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

software-update-unavailableAfter spending hours just waiting for your measly 750 MB iOS7 file to download, I, like the rest of the Internet, cannot get the update to verify. The message is clear, the reasons are not.

Software Update Unavailable
Software update is not available at this time. Try again later.


No, not OK. Not OK at all. I understand that things get crazy on iOS upgrade day. Millions of devices in the hands of millions of people around the world waiting for flat icons and iTunes Radio, but you clearly are woefully unprepared. Part of your job when you promise something is to follow through and blaming it on the eager masses is unacceptable. You announced a date of Sept. 18 for when iOS 7 would be available, and you should have been spending every waking moment making sure you’d be ready for the onslaught of upgrades – both over the air and in iTunes.

If *this* is your strategy to get #iOS7 on your devices, you clearly need to come up with a new strategy or upgrade your servers to be able to handle the traffic. Seriously, just saying we’re busy really isn’t enough. You failed us and as far as I’m concerned this will go on your list of all-time fails, right up there with Ping and Maps in iOS6.

You messed up, Apple. Take responsibility. And more importantly, fix it so it never happens again.

Scott Kleinberg
iPhone user since day 1 in 2007
Apple user since 1984

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