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Hurricane Sandy: To my East Coast friends and family

What a storm. Even watching from Chicago, I’m amazed at the power of this thing. Our shoreline here at Lake Michigan could see 20 foot waves. This shows that you don’t have to be near where the center makes landfall to be impacted.

Now, the National Hurricane Center has opted not to issue official hurricane watches and warnings because Sandy is transitioning to extra/post-tropical status. That’s a technicality, and in my opinion a terrible call. I’m not the only one who feels that way, but the point is you should be aware of just how serious this storm is. If you are told to evacuate, do it. You can’t compare this storm to the one in 1992 or any other storm. The highest tides ever recorded on the Jersey Shore are forecasted.

Remember, this starts in earnest Monday morning and will continue through most of Tuesday.

Some of the things you can expect and should prepare for, if you haven’t already.

• 4-8 inches of rain, but likely a foot in parts of New Jersey and New York.

• Tides up to or even exceeding 12 feet from Sandy Hook to Seaside Heights to Long Beach Island.

• Extended power outages.
• Severe flooding
• Blocked highways (you should not be driving anyway.)
• Winds sustained at 65 mph, with gusts to 75-85 mph.

I just received a Facebook comment from someone and it prompted me to reiterate that this is not an overhyped media event. This is a dangerous storm and heeding the warnings in your area is important. This particular poster said the storm will not be as dangerous and the media would have you believe. You know what? Worst thing that happens you don’t lose power and go back to work on Wednesday. This is no time to second-guess officials.

Be smart, be safe, stay off the roads and check on your pets and neighbors.

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