Friday , June 2 2017
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I’ve got a social media style all my own

I was inspired to write this post after interacting with a Facebook post by The Huffington Post’s Craig Kanalley. In it, Kanalley talks about a study that finds oversharing about your personal life on social media hurts romantic relationships. While that was interesting, it wasn’t what caught my eye. It was …

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Your Instagram feed is now on the web

Quick. Hurry. Go to (I’ll wait). I know, right? Awesome! As of today, your full feed is available on the web. Last year, Instagram put “photo pages” online and then web profiles. As of today, you can pretty much do everything you can do on your mobile device with one …

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Social media tip: Clear your Facebook search

Great tip from Nathanael Shermett, who posted it in my Google+ Social Media Community. The Facebook searches you make are not public by default, but Facebook is recording them and can certainly utilize them for ads and the like. You can’t turn off the search recording, but you can clear …

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Facebook Poke is back – sort of

I’m trying to think of a practical use of Facebook Poke, the new app the company just released. It’s so new, it’s not even showing up in search. Facebook Poke is an iPhone app that lets you say a quick hello to friends, either using text, photo or video. But the …

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Hey, Facebook, get your damn hands off her

Instagram and Back to the Future have a lot in common. The first time I heard Facebook was buying Instagram, this is the image that immediately came to mind. I wanted to jump in and stop the tragedy that was about to unfold, just as George McFly did for the …

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Apple releases iOS 6.0.1

Woo-hoo! An update to iOS6. While the latest version of Apple’s iOS software was meant to be awesome, it hasn’t exactly got off on the right foot. Hopefully these fixes make the experience that much better. Here’s what’s new and improved, according to Apple: • Fixes a bug that prevents …

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