Monday , May 29 2017
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SELFIE and Bill Cosby: Social media on KGO 810


You should read this in your best Bill Cosby voice. Today, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about what a social media editor does when Twitter goes down, Bill Cosby joining Twitter and the selfie’s transformation from iconic photo to iconic music video. We talk social media on Tuesday, …

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Vine bans porn


There’s a new crackdown on porn that lasts for 6 seconds. That’s what she said. #Seriously, Vine announced the changes to its rules today prohibiting explicit sexual content. According to a blog post, Vine, which is owned by Twitter, said this doesn’t really change anything for more than 99 percent …

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Ellen’s selfie and normcore: Social media on KGO 810

Seinfeld's Girlfriends Episode #04 512 The Stall Special Guest: Jami Gertz 1997 Castle Rock En

Wake up, San Francisco. I’m Danny Tanner. And I’m … wait a minute, this isn’t that show. This is After the Bell on KGO 810. Good segue into packing a full house worth of social media into 3 minutes. Today, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about Ellen’s Oscar-winning …

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Facebook mail, Coke’s joke: Social media on KGO 810


I really like the intro KGO uses for our segment: “On most Tuesdays we talk social with the Chicago Tribune’s social media editor, Scott Kleinberg.” They do. I mean, we do. And this week, we talked about the end of Facebook mail (what, you never heard of it?), LinkedIn’s helpful …

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Love, hackers and Top Gun: Social media on KGO 810


This week on After The Bell on KGO 810, we talk about love, hacking Instagram and Top Gun. Yes, that Top Gun. And some how, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I managed to fit it all into three minutes. Most Tuesdays, we talk social media at 3:37 p.m. Central Time/1:37 p.m. …

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Pinterest is on Target: Social media Tuesday on KGO


Target hasn’t done all that well with social media lately, but maybe its fortunes are starting to turn around. A partnership with Pinterest is behind that. Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about that on After The Bell on KGO 810. And we talked about Klout and a different look …

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Facebook turns 10: Looking back on KGO 810

Happy birthday, dear Facebook. Happy birthday to you. Where has the time gone? Facebook turns 10 and we can’t imagine life without it. So today, Jason Middleton, Kim Foster and I talked about it on After The Bell on KGO 810. And we talked about a few other things too, but …

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Spotting fake social media photos with Marcus Leshock on WGN Morning News

Today on WGN Morning News, Marcus Leshock featured me in a segment about how to spot fake social media photos. It’s one of those little tricks that are so easy but not everyone knows about. I’m sure you have seen the fake social media photos problem on countless occasions, from …

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Time travel: Searching social media for clues


GREAT SCOTT! This week we’re talking about time travel, specifically people from the future hanging out on social media. And if you need more future fun, is Facebook reading our minds about posts we haven’t yet published? Maybe, maybe not. Oh, and in the U.K., women want their blokes to …

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Social media on KGO Radio: Smile, we’re talking selfies


Selfie is the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year for 2013. And it just so happens to be the topic we discussed during social media Tuesday on KGO 810. And we took a deeper look at the rising problem of social media spam. It’s always great to talk social media …

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