Monday , May 29 2017
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Jesus Christ, this Starbucks red cup story!


What happens when a so called evangelist and social media personality with the most Jewish name ever gets Christians fired up over Starbucks? Specifically, the coffee chain’s lack of love for Jesus on its red holiday cups? “I think in the age of political correctness we become so open-minded our …

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Starbucks Tiramisu Latte review


As a dessert, it’s hard not to like tiramisu. It’s ladyfingers dipped in coffee with mascarpone cheese and cocoa. But Starbucks thinks you should be able to drink it. Behold! The new Starbucks tiramisu latte. As someone who has tried every new Starbucks drink and someone who really loves a …

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Starbucks orange spice iced coffee review

Starbucks orange spice iced coffee is one of the new drinks for summer. Took me a few days, but I finally have a review. In a word, Starbucks orange spice iced coffee is OK. It’s iced coffee, shaken with cinnamon, an orange wedge and classic syrup. I got it half-sweetened …

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National Margarita Day: 10 mouthwatering photos

While I tend to work 14 hours a day, I occasionally find time to enjoy a margarita or two. Ok, three, but that’s my final offer. And as heavily into social media as I am, I like to take photos of everything and document them somewhere. A while back, I …

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Spiked caramel macchiato cocktail

Spiked caramel macchiato: Kissed caramel vodka, vanilla vodka, half and half, shaken with coffee ice cubes. Garnished with caramel and a caramel candy.

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