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44% of accounts don’t tweet: Social media on KGO 810

Social media Tuesday on KGO, and today we’re talking about tweeting. Or not tweeting, in this case. Click above to listen to the segment and/or read more about it below.

Of the 954 million Twitter accounts in existence – and yes, I counted each one – 44 percent of those have never tweeted. Never. Not once. They signed up and perhaps they read tweets every day for all we know, but there is no tweeting.

My first question is why? Why would you sign up and not use the account, especially knowing how popular Twitter is and how many of your friends use it. But is that really the case? I know that Twitter has had a problem getting people to understand all the hashtaggy at symbol stuff and has been looking for ways to make it easier. Maybe they had better put a rush on that.

This week, Jason Middleton was back after being out sick, while Sherry filled in for Kim Foster. And in addition, we talked about Twitter’s new profiles (this one is mine) and Facebook’s push to be a little more like Foursquare with Nearby Friends.


So about Social Media Tuesdays. We do it every week – yes, on Tuesdays – and we almost always do it at 3:37 p.m. Central/1:37 p.m. Pacific. Here’s a link to the After The Bell blog.

And for more social media or to hear what’s going on in San Francisco, you can listen live on the KGO 810 livestream.

Please let us know what you think. And thanks for listening.

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